About me

fotoAs a former physician assistant I am first came on the Psychological Astrology for bioresonance therapy. In addition, I began the study of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), including: acupuncture, herbal therapy, moxibustion, cupping and inclination
Gong (Chinese therapeutic exercise). After seven years I received from the International College of Chinese Medicine in Taiwan
the university degree “Master of Chinese Medicine”.

From my many years of experience in practice and in dealing with many people, I have found that illnesses are often psychosomatic. In other words: body, mind, state of mind can not be treated separately. They form a unit. In addition, the particular circumstances and the environment must not be left out of consideration. My therapy consists of interviews and bioresonance,
composed of nutrition and lifestyle counseling and from traditional Chinese medicine. The human being as a whole is our primary focus.

Käthy Busiello

Master of Chinese Medicine, LIFU Institute, Taiwan
Dipl. Bioresonanztherapeutin, Regumed, Germany
Naturopath NVS

Member of the Medical Register EMR experience of the Swiss Association for bioresonance therapy (ASCA and EGK)