Bush flower essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Be it human, animal or plant organs, emotions, and so on-all that exists is to own a unique vibrational frequency. Imbalance on the subtle level
affect our quality of life in many ways. In this context, flower essences as a carrier harmonic vibrational frequencies of certain flowers are a wonderful support.

For many years I could with the Australian bush flower essences in my practice erfolreich in
emotional realm, people führren the inner balance. In the physical as well as mental area by the oscillation frequencies of the flower essences blockages.

I lead you through the workshop in the flower essences, and you will then itself be able to create your own true mix and apply.

Through individual meetings I go to your problems and a mix essences. They often replace the psycho-pharmaceuticals and depression disappear with the flowers.

Freshwater Mangrove freshwater-magrove   opens the heart to new experiences

Angelswordangelsword Clarifies spiritual communication, and confusion

Red Suva Frangiapini red-suva-frangipaniStrength, Inner Peace