Delta scan bioresonance

Delta Scan: Bioresonance the new health

Examines the fascinating “Delta-Scan diagnostic system
Within a short time the whole body and determined so on
Energetic level of the causes and blockades of health disorders

Delta-Scan is one of the biophysical therapies and is
risk and completely pain-free, making it suitable for small children.
There is no long preparation needed, the investigation can begin immediately.

What can Delta Scan do for you?

Inspect the entire body in the shortest possible time and fully integrated and so determine the causes of diseases.
Influences of allergy, microorganisms, medicines, food
Supplements, parasites measure and Dredge etc. effectively
earliest disease shows symptoms so that appropriate therapy uses time and the immune strain remains before serious organic changes occur.
The disease underlying energetic disturbances and
Discover and resolve blocking the organism

Energy is the source of life

For the health especially a balanced energy flow in the body is responsible. The life energy must be able to flow like water.
If the energy flow in the body disturbed or blocked, initially creates a disturbance during prolonged blockage disease
Delta Scan identifies failures and blockages in energy flow and dissolves them.

How Delta Scan works

Delta Scan analyzed completely painless and without any modification to the entire energy system. In this case, all the organs, the nervous and lymphatic system are presented to the blood cells and chromosomes pictorially. With colored dots in a six-part Scala delta scan shows the current physical condition and health problems. This I can then address the targeted or if necessary to introduce further specialist medical examinations.

DeltaScan therapy helps at:
hormone derailment
Restless Legs
Back and neck pain
digestive problems