Implant acupuncture

Duration of action by implants

The soft alternative for many chronic diseases. templantate templantate
Through the use of implants in the ear, the therapist can achieve a long-term effect of acupuncture. First, depending on the clinical picture effective reflex points are searched at the ear and accurately analyzed. In contrast to traditional acupuncture but no conventional needle after short-term duration of action is most reflective point:
In Implant Acupuncture tiny needles are placed directly into the ear. The implants remain permanently in the ear. The skin over the small puncture closes after 2-3 days again completely. Thus, the risk of inflammation is reduced to a minimum.
The implant does not hours or days but over many years.
A real time acupuncture with scientifically proven efficacy.

As alternative to implants, Templantates can be used.
These needles are not biggere than implants and consist of a bio-resorbable material (Resomer®). They work 15-18 months and then they are completely consumed by the body.