Nei Gong

Nei Gong is part of traditional Chinese medicine, which is about 6000 years old. The Mental, Emotional and Physical inseparable in the Chinese view. In this sense, Nei Gong a “digestive aid” for mental, spiritual and physical processes.
Nei Gong is a comprehensive method, philosophy, movements and cures to a holistic understanding merges.
For many years practiced individuals in China these unique exercises in order to protect her body and make her life complete.
As a result, they took their lives in the highest possible state of consciousness and were able to realize their own potential.

In particular, support and strengthen the exercises your body with the following disorders:

back pain
Burden of electro smog or heavy metals

We offer:
In a 6-week Nei Gong evening course, you will learn through specific exercises to release energy blockages and promote concentration.

Cost per night rate: Please ask for it here.

An example: Tiger looking down the angry mountain

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