Traditional Chinese Medicine

What can Chinese Medicine do

With acupuncture bringing the blockades of the nerve conductions back into balance. Yin and Yang as the Chinese call. If the yin and yang are balanced, we are healthy.

Energy is the source of life

Yin is night is dark, you sleep, you resting.
Yang’s day, brightness, one is active. Therefore, a symbol of Yin and Yang

How do I work with the Chinese medicine?
By the pulse and tongue diagnosis do I tell if the body is in balance.
With the acupuncture needle I can bring into balance Yin and Yang. Sometimes the body is cold, this is called Yinkrankheit and we work with heat. This is very pleasant.
There are pronounced Yang diseases, these people are restless, nervous, scream around complaining about the heat.
Thus, there are also distinct Yinkrankheiten, these people are tired, depressed often complain about the cold.

The food on the 5 elements, water, fire, wood, earth, air, I can also adjust with herbs. The 5 elements are the basic elements of human beings.

We call the syndromes, depending on diagnosis, heat or cold, and mucus diseases (colds) or wind diseases when the neck hurts.

I also make ear implants (needles) against
– Addictions (smoking)
– digestive problems
– Tinnitus
– Asthma
– restless legs
– Migraine
– Allergies
– hormone derailment
– Rheumatism
– pollinosis
– eczema
– Sleep disorders
– Menopause
– back and neck pain