What is Bioresonance Therapy?

Bioresonance therapy is a holistic diagnosis and treatment principle with the patient’s own vibrations. Matter can be considered as a manifestation of the energy. This can also be applied to medicine: every person has an individual vibrational spectrum, which can be exploited therapeutically. Today it is also known that chemical processes in the body of humans and animals are controlled by electromagnetic waves. Even organs, whether healthy or sick, have from one person to an individual vibrational spectrum and thus a certain energy potential. Do not forget that yes, the cardiac currents (with ECG) or the brain waves can be measured (with the EEG). Similarly, neural pathways can stimulate specifically with weak stimulus currents at certain reactions.

Release the body’s own regulatory powers

Damage to the organism can change in many ways the milieu of the body so that the biochemical processes are disturbed from diseases caused. Pollutants that are absorbed through food, heavy metal loads in drinking water, environmental toxins generally bring the intact regulatory system of the body is out of balance. All of these pollutants have an effect not only in their material manifest form of the organism, but also informative level through their special electromagnetic oscillations, they radiate.
Now all the fine control processes in the human body by pollution-related spurious oscillations influenced too much control errors and malfunctions may occur, resulting in a disease result. This interference oscillations can be erased by her own reflection in order to relieve the sick organism and thus to facilitate their self-healing.

What is Bioresonance therapy does not?

Bioresonance therapy is neither electric nor irradiation therapy in any form. It is above all no paramedical treatment to their effect must be believed in order to show an effect.


The patient is treated for therapy with the therapy device via headphones.
Principle and function of the new bioenergetic analysis system

No patient preparation (fasting, etc.)
No painful, risky and harmful interventions (radioactive, etc.)
Precision: the analysis depth
General Medicine: check affects the entire body
Early detection and prevention
Proof of complex diseases and organ link

Quantum physics has opened a whole new view of humanity for medicine. The new bioenergetic analysis system has been developed for the human body for diagnosis and therapy.

Healthy bodies and organs vibrate and rejuvenate at specific frequencies. When the body is sick, the energy is blocked, and it vibrates differently. The system recognizes the difference and assigns medical diagnostically relevant in circumstances which are apparent. The new bioenergetic analysis system, we detect early any deviations of medically relevant pathologies. That is the diagnostic function of the device.

Traditional medicine is in solid state physics comparable to that examines the “Hardware and repaired. The medicine of the future is focused on the analysis and treatment of “software” of man. This means: Since our body is overloaded with all environmental impacts: How vaccine damage, electromagnetic, viruses bacteria, which are all left-handed (scientifically proven) and the blood turns right, we can machine the organs and blood and chromosomes clearly distinguished in the diagnosis , Often tumors are the outgrowths only destroy viruses and bacteria in our tissues. Looking at the early stage, you can handle this.

During menopause the woman, it is possible hormone therapy targeted to the device to treat successfully without chemical medication. The bothersome side effects such as depression, hot flashes and dryness of mucous membranes, disappear immediately.

As back pain: